5 de maio de 2011

Novas Maravilhas

“Look again at the cross where you are found and lost. Make a new song of praise. Fill your cup at the mouth of the spring, new wonders we will sing as the Spirit blows the embers of our hearts.

Tell the story of Jesus the Christ and these promises we write on the doorway of our house. Hold the mirror and remember your own face, brother, do not forfeit grace, as the Savoir pleads his pardon with his blood.

Look around, every sparrow every flower all creation sings out loud of a grand design. You are small, but you are filled with breath and life, if you will seek then you will find, as the Father looks with favor on his Child, as the Savoir pleads your pardon with his blood, and the Spirit blows the embers of our hearts.”


New Wonders | Sandra McCracken | In Feast Or Fallow |

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