13 de fevereiro de 2008

Dallas Willard - Things for new believers to learn

What are some important things for new believers to learn?

Jim Pace:

If you're starting to...We work with a lot of people who are brand new in their relationship with Christ. And how do you... What are things you learned over the years that are most helpful in helping them to, I mean, not just avoid some of the things that maybe we've fallen into, but what do you think are the most important things to help new believers see?

Dallas Willard:

Well, I really think that the most important things fall in the area of solitude and study, and teaching them to spend time alone, for periods of time, and then interweaving those with periods of study.

I think, as solitude is the most important of the fundamental disciplines, study is next on the list. And so you need to guide their study. Need to help them know what to read, and to...

Then things like staying in fellowship, talking with other Christians, and talking about things that are really mattering to them. And then praying over those things with other Christians. I think those are the fundamentals for the beginner. And then as they go along, depending on what God seems to be calling them to, you may give some different kinds of advice. But for the beginner I really think that's crucial.

So I would teach them to go in a quiet room and sit down and be still for a while. Get them used to the idea that they don't always have to be doing.

I might teach them how to experience beauty. Beauty is an important spiritual discipline. It's a great gift of God, beauty is. And so they need to integrate that - that might be in the songs. The songs could help some of them; unfortunately aren't very beautiful, but there are some beautiful ones.

But learning to be alone, and learning to study. Then to share, and then to pray with others over that, I think is... That's the course I would suggest.

Now, of course, they should try to find a fellowship to be in, and do the standard things also. The things that we're talking about here. Giving, witnessing, and so on. Those are important to do as well. So, I think if you have a person and get them started and keep them in fellowship, then it will go right. So, you need to teach them about discipleship and all that, and you need to raise the question are they learning how to bless those who curse them and so on. Right. But that'll come as you go along.

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